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Fixing Broken Functionality

From approximately 5-October until 23-November, in-browser video playback in OMwiki was completely broken.  Visitors were greeted with a “Video playback is broken at the moment. :-/” top-posted message, which leads to poor first impressions and undermines our overall credibility.  So, what happened and how can it be avoided in the future?

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What happened?
All video currently hosted on OpenMeetings.org is encoded in the Ogg Theora format and is stored in the /archives subdirectory.  Currently, there is no content delivery network (CDN) in place, so all video originates from a single server.  This server utilizes oggz-chop, which is part of the oggz toolset — it’s one of several programs that manipulate Ogg files in helpful ways.  oggz-chop is a binary program that returns the very beginning of an Ogg Theora file proceeded immediately by the section of interest indicated by a query string appended to the URL request (/archives/video.ogv?query_string).  The query string contains the requested start/end time, and makes possible user-friendly jump-to-this-time URLs.  Thus, we achieve intelligent seeking.

Because oggz-chop is a binary program, it is sensitive to changes in the host operating system.  Sometime early October, our hosting provider migrated all shared hosting plans to a new compute cluster and operating system.  The migration was unannounced as there is a general expectation that shared hosting plans will not run executable binaries; most customers would not have noticed a difference.  Compiling natively on both the old and new clusters is disabled for security.

How was it fixed?
The new operating system lacked the libogg.so shared library, a mandatory dependency.  Both libogg and oggz-chop where compiled on a binary-compatible machine and the resulting binaries were copied over.  This is a mostly-blind trail-and-error process.

I unsuccessfully attempted to create a single binary that contained both libogg and oggz-chop via static linking.  I found alternative route by including a runtime search path (export CFLAGS='-Wl,-rpath=/home/openmeet') such that oggz-chop could locate libogg.so in a non-system directory.  Tweak some variable names in cgi.c, and voilĂ !

#define DOCUMENT_ROOT “/home/openmeet/public_html”
. . .
getenv (“PATH_INFO”); –change-to–> getenv (“REDIRECT_URL”);

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