@ The Makery Sept. 9-17th

I’m pleased to announce that Elizabeth Stark and Matt Langer have agreed to have me as a guest at The Makery from Sept. 9-17th.  The Makery is a brand-new co-working space located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, designed for “writers, entrepreneurs, early-stage startups and freelancers.”  Original post.

Interior of The Makery

Shamelessly borrowed from The Makery's frontpage. Click to enter.

I’ll be commuting from mid-Manhattan during this time, and also attending the “Business and Pleasure” Mixer hosted by Hacks/Hackers on Sept. 8th.  If you’re in the NYC area and take an interest in either or the larger picture of open video, we should talk!

+1 (814) 321-5456 (cell)

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